Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MAS - Toilet Paper Roll/Soap Box Mini

Finally got this one done. . . the whole idea behind the toilet paper roll/soap box mini is going green and recycling what we use around our homes. Nice way to turn trash to treasure! My swap partner was Audrey Hannaford from Muncie, IN and it was definitely an honour to get to know her while doing this mini for her.

I used a combination of toilet paper rolls and soap boxes on this mini and tried to create as many pockets, flaps and foldouts as possible for additional journaling and pictures.

I asked her what line of papers she liked and she chose the Basic Grey, Indie Bloom Collection. Got to say this wasn't an easy line of papers to find here in Alberta or in the Okanagan Valley. To bad, because the colours are all so vibrant definitely great for beach/ocean pics.

I sure hope you enjoy it Audrey. . .
I've decided to revamp the cover. . . I'm not happy with it. . . grrrrrr!