Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 3 "R's" of Scrapbooking

Is there anyone else out there who likes to recycle items for scrapbooking?

For my chipboard ~ I use cereal, cracker, cookie. . . boxes or any other sturdy piece of cardstock I can find. Corrugated cardboard too can give a nice effect.

I also like to use clothing tags. You can find some really cool and unique ones from jeans. I've found little dog tags, with a beaded chain, large tags with words like "Contrast" written across them with a gorgeous red cotton ribbon and fabric swatches you can stamp on. I use cellophane windows from tea boxes or envelopes to highlight a sentiment, word or embelli. . . I also like to use vintage/cotton laces or buttons found on old clothing that is going to be thrown out. For the laces you can hand wash them add a lil starch and iron them or use tea/coffee to stain them to give them more of an aged look - they look amazing.

These are only a few of the ideas. . . I have recently found toilet paper rolls to make wonderful picture slides ~ what about you?

What do you use?


  1. Thanks so much for entering my candy - good luck

  2. Brochures, maps, and other stuff you pick up when being a tourist... I love using hiking trail maps as backgrounds for pages that have photos from different hikes we go on.

    For my son's baby book, I put in one of his newborn socks because it was SO cute and tiny... and of course ultrasound photos and his hospital bracelettes and the like.

    Photocopying my sons paintings and drawings to use as backgrounds for pages is fun too! I've been scanning his paintings to use for backgrounds on my digital stuff on Heritage Makers too!

    Movie Stubs! I love movie stubs!

    The original handwritten manuscript from my first novel to use as a background for photos from the making of the book.


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