Friday, April 10, 2009

"Cherish Family" Purse Mini Album

Here it is, my version of the "Purse Album" created from cereal boxes. . . and a lot of help from ABOVE.
I created this especially for my niece's 13th birthday. She has been such a blessing to me and continues to make her Auntie feel so very special. She is a very caring and compassionate young lady and I absolutely adore her!
First I created the design on graph paper, then made a cardboard template, traced the pattern onto cereal boxes (I had to eat lots of cereal) and cut out each page, rounding the bottom corners. Sanding the edges helped give a nice finished edge. There is lots of "BLING" throughout the album ~ that's one of her favourite embellishments. I also created a pocket in the album to house some of her favourite family pictures. I can hardly wait to give it to her!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm sure she'll love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your blog and happy to follow you!

  2. Hi Ginnie!! It's me Nini! Just popping in to say fab blog and thanks for linking the store! You're amazingly talented and in an "eco friendly creative" kinda way too! Your niece will love it, I know I would!


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