Monday, April 18, 2011

. . . on the move

I loved these pictures so much I had to do two layouts. . .LOL!

This was our big move to Kelowna BC, that's where I was going to Ministry School. My little blue car was packed to the brim and the seat where you see the dogs was pushed to front as far as it could go. . . they really didn't have very much room at all, but they sure made the best of it, as you can see! They are such good lil travelers.

During the same summer we took a trip to Vancouver Island to see my oldest son, as you may have seen in some of my previous layouts. It was another adventure with Chauncey & Mya and there very first BC Ferry ride. . . I haven't scrapped those pics yet. . .  


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  1. oh my goodness these are the cutest layouts EVER!!! And your little furbabies are simply adorable :)


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