Monday, June 6, 2011

. . . puttering in the flower garden

. . . my energy levels still seem so low and so I have to find something to do other than sleep! Something I enjoy and won't take up too much energy - puttering in the flower garden seems like the perfect thing. Bright coloured flowers, fresh air, warm sun. . . So yeah, I headed off to Co-op Garden Center here in Red Deer; amazing place, will lift your spirit and make you soar - they have so many varieties of plants, trees, shrubs and a lot of wonderful ideas and displays.
Here are just a few of the flowers we got: 

I can hardly wait til they get established and are in full bloom where I can see them from my craft room window!


  1. ohhh gorgeous flowers....and I love the little bunnies :)

  2. yay flowers.. and the bunnies are cuuute


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