Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Under Construction . . . again!

My scrapbooking room is such a mess! So.... when I went to Edmonton on the weekend, for official business of course, i decided to make a quick stop at IKEA and pick up a few more shelving units to house some of this clutter. I am still not finished my update from last July - i just keep getting so distracted with all this paper ;o)

I was even thinking of repainting - but I stopped myself! I'm having to remember that energy is in short demand these days and so I must finish what i started! I am so in love with the robin egg blue, but i will stick with the Sun-dried Tomato, and the white and black damask. . . think i will still incorporate some bird cages, Parisian and Shabby Chic items into the mix - just no Robin Egg Blue (sigh, sniff, sniff).

I'm struggling with the layout - lately my brain has been so scrambled - i know it will work better when i get organized - i am so much more effective in an organized workspace. Now . . . if I can only get there?

Here are just a few of the pics - and so if you have any ideas for me, i am so open to them! Especially regarding layout. . .

Honestly, I can hardly wait for the finished result. . . sometimes the idea of waving a magic wand seems grand. . .  Well no fairies live here so off I go with a hammer in one hand, a level in the other, gyproc dust on my face, paint in my hair and a very perplexed look upon my face. . .

~ oh how i love colour, it refreshes my weary soul ~



  1. ooooh I love your crafty space!!!! I really like all the neat shelving...and the ribbon organizer above your desk :)

  2. Thanks Jackie! That ribbon organizer is a curtain rod from IKEA ~ LOL! Cost $1.88 - just call me "el cheapo"

  3. that red is SO sharp.. I love it

  4. I love that wire rack!!


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