Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Til Debt Do Us Part. . .

I have loved watching Gail Vaz-Oxlade's show "Til Debt Do Us Part" for several years now. She has definitely impacted my life as I've applied her techniques to my own personal life. In the past I've contacted Gail regarding a few financial issues and within a day or two I received a very helpful and practical response. This woman is to the point, she believes in tough love and it works. . . Gail I really appreciate you and the gift you walk in "Common Cents".

Gail also has her own website, blog, tv show, clubs and has just released a new book called "Never Too Late - Take Control of Your Retirement and Your Future". Her website has tons of resources, interactive worksheets and just common cents articles, you can find it at, "Gail Vaz-Oxlade Debt-Free Forever".

Thanks to God and to Gail I have been debt free for several years now and am loving my financial freedom. So get rid of those credit cards, debit cards and begin to live on cash - it's amazing!

So this year I decided to add a little flair to my Budget Binder and my $$ Jars using some recycled materials, here is the result:

My supply list:

5 - Jars (you can add an additional jar for "Surplus")
1 - New or used binder

October Afternoon - Detour Series, Fruit Salad; Hometown Series, Woolworths & Depot Park

Flower - Prima
Ribbon - Random scraps
Bling - Dollar Store
Labels, Alpha and Worksheets were created on my computer

Note: This project cost less than $5


  1. so pretty!!! almost makes budgeting fun! hah!

  2. Hi! I used an image from this post to my blog post in Filipino language. But I linked here and suggest your creative way in budgeting. I hope that it's okay with you.


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